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Installing HVAC, exhaust fans, or other rooftop equipment? We can help!

When it’s time to install HVAC or other equipment up on the roof, call on Moffatt Bros Roofing for help. We are equipped to assist with installations and protect our customers’ roofs in the process.

Having us on the installation team ensures that…

  • The roof opening is made carefully by a roofing expert, without damaging the membrane
  • Flashings are properly sealed around the equipment, restoring the roof to a watertight condition (very important for preserving your roofing system warranty)
  • Potential drainage issues are identified and resolved
  • Walkways or other safeguards are added if needed to protect the roof from foot traffic during installation and servicing

If you’d like us to assist with your equipment installation, or having any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Industrial Commercial Roof Equipment Installations

Are you an HVAC Contractor or Mechanical Installer?

Moffatt Bros. Roofing can assist you by installing curbs, sleepers, equipment supports and cones. Our crew can meet you onsite and help you get the job done, while protecting the integrity of the roof in the process.

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