What Our Virtual Roof Estimate Is and the Process

Transform Your Roofing Experience From Questions to Confidence

Explore Our Straightforward Virtual Roofing Solution

Welcome to Simplified Roofing Solutions

Forget the old routine of waiting for estimates and dealing with uncertainty.

Moffatt Bros. Roofing takes a straightforward approach to roofing projects.

It ensures ease and transparency from start to finish.

Our Service: A Clear Guide to Your Roofing Success

  1. Immediate Insight: Begin Your Roofing Project with Free Our Virtual Estimate
    Step into the future of roofing estimates now. They are accurate, quick, and online and you understand what your roof requires without leaving your home.
  2. Custom Fit: Our Expert Visit That Focuses on You
    After the virtual estimate, our roofing specialist will schedule a visit to your home to confirm measurements
    They will also discuss your specific roofing needs when you choose to proceed.
  3. Confirm Your Plan: Finalize With Confidence
    With all details confirmed, you’ll receive a finalized quote.
    We’ll work with you to choose a start date that suits your schedule.

Why Choose Moffatt Bros. Roofing?​

Our process is created for homeowners like you...
... It's created to address your roofing needs
... It's also created to transform your home's safety and your peace of mind

We reduce the time you spend on getting an estimate...
... We streamline the entire journey

Our team's knowledge and skills ensure expertise...
... We manage your roofing project effectively from beginning to end