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Ontario Weather is Hard

You know how tough the weather can be on your roof in Ontario.

  • The hot summers can hurt and crack the shingles.
  • The cold winters pile heavy snow and ice on top.
  • Storms bring strong winds, hail, and lots of rain.

All this beats up your roof again and again.

It can make you feel worried and like you’ll always pay for fixes.

But Moffatt Brothers has a metal roof that can be the last one you’ll ever need.

It protects your home from Ontario’s harsh weather for many decades.

No more leaks, damage or replacements.

Just peace, knowing your roof will last.

A Roof That Protects Your Home

At Moffatt Brothers Roofing, we believe your roof should keep your home safe and looking nice.

That’s why we make metal roofs that last a lifetime.

They protect your home from bad weather better than regular roofs.

Our metal roofs are strong and won’t get damaged easily.

You won’t have to replace them as often as regular roofs.

This saves you money in the long run.

The metal also looks modern on your home.

With a Moffatt Brothers roof, you can feel good knowing your home is well-protected.

You’ll have peace of mind for many years to come.

Our roofs are an excellent long-term choice for your house.

Examples Of Bad Roofs We've Seen

Once You Had a Leaky Roof

You worried every time it rained.

Remember when strong winds blew shingles off?

Then you had to pay for costly fixes.

Before long, you needed a new roof again.

Not now with Moffatt Brothers metal roofs!

We are your one-and-done roofing solution that lasts a lifetime.

Our metal roofs protect your Ontario home like never before.

You Will Never Worry About Leaks Again

Imagine waking up after a big storm, and your home stays warm and dry.

Choose Moffatt Brothers for a tough roof that can endure Canadian weather.

An extremely durable metal roof will protect your home.

Your Home Will Look Great Too

Our metal roofs come in many colours to match your home’s look.

The colours stay bright for decades without fading.

Soon, your neighbours will admire your beautiful, long-lasting roof.

Save Money For Years

Metal roofs cost more upfront but save you money over time.

They last 40-80 years, so you avoid replacing your roof every 10-20 years like with regular shingles.

Metal roofs also keep your home cooler in summer, lowering AC bills.

With little upkeep needed, you keep saving.

Trust The Roofing Experts

Moffatt Brothers has installed the best metal roofs across Ontario for decades.

We use top materials and latest ways for a perfect installation.

Our skilled team guides you through every step to make sure you’re happy.

Covering Cobourg and All of Ontario