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You can notice that musty smell.

You can feel those cold drafts.

Your old roof needs replacing.

But you must face the facts before making your home comfortable again.

Trying to patch that old roof one more time is just putting off a problem.

You hire someone who says they can fix the leaks easily.

A few months later, you see water dripping through new cracks in the ceiling.

This often happens when homeowners try to extend an old roof’s life.

Cheap patch jobs by crews who lack skills are just a temporary fix for a big issue.

Soon, those weak spots let in more leaks, rot, and costly damage.

Your home starts to feel unsafe rather than a safe space.

All because you put off replacing that old roof a bit longer.

But it does not have to be that way when you call roofing experts…

Your Home Deserves a New Roof You Can Trust

Wake up on a rainy morning and hear the steady pitter-patter of raindrops.

But instead of worrying about leaks and stains, you feel calm.

Because above, your brand new Moffatt Brothers roof shelters your home.

For 38 years, families in this area have turned to us when their old roofs cannot be repaired.

From start to finish, our team makes getting a new roof straightforward.

Why Choose Us

  • Our family’s trucks in your driveway, not unreliable crews
  • Certified and insured roofers in proper gear, not careless workers
  • Long-lasting materials, not cheap quick fixes
  • Upfront pricing, no tricks or hidden fees
  • Flawless work that we fully guarantee

How We'll Install Your New Roof

First, we inspect your old roof to identify all issues.

We explain your best options so you can decide.

Once you choose, just leave the hard work to our skilled team:

  • We order the right materials for your home
  • Our crew arrives to carefully remove your old, damaged roofing
  • New waterproof layers get installed for protection
  • Shingles or metal panels go down one by one using proven methods
  • Every nail, every overlap done with precision
  • We thoroughly clean up when the job’s done

By the time we leave, your new roof will be complete and protected by our workmanship warranty.

The Roof Your Home Deserves

A few weeks later…

You wake up to heavy rain pounding on your new roof.

But this time, there’s no panic.

Because above, your new roof is shedding every drop without letting water through.

No more checking for new water stains after storms.

No more cold drafts increasing energy bills.

Just your family living comfortably, protected by a sturdy new roof built to last.

When the rain stops, your home’s fresh new roof makes your neighbours look twice as they pass by.

Buyers admire the impressive curb appeal and increased home value.

Benefits You'll Appreciate

Our Partners

  • Strong storms pass but your new roof stays intact
  • Lower heating and cooling costs thanks to better insulation
  • An attractive look that impresses the neighbourhood
  • Workmanship Warranty covers any unexpected repairs
  • Our workmanship guaranteed to last

Don't Risk Further Damage - Replace Your Roof Today

Each day you delay replacing your old roof risks costly damage.

This includes water damage, mould growth, and structural issues.

Protect your biggest asset by calling the experts at Moffatt Brothers Roofing now.

We’ll guide you through the straightforward process from start to finish.

Soon, you’ll relax and enjoy comfortable living again, knowing your new roof will keep your family safe and dry for decades.

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